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Another example of government deception.

@michellemalkin: Reminder: Obama plans unconstitutional tax scheme to pay for “free” wifi he’s demanding for schools ==>
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Healthcare propaganda

Posted: January 31, 2014 in Rants

Check out @BarackObama’s Tweet:

So why not make it apply to people who need it instead of everyone?  You could help people and not hurt so many more!

Pre-State of the Union 2014

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Rants, Uncategorized

Don’t forget to catch the SOTU Tuesday, 1/28/14 at 9pm to see what kind of promises, hope, and change our illustrious leader has planned for us.  My predictions are that he will have to address the NSA problems with the independent study stating that the NSA spying is wrong.  He’ll either try to justify the spying or “pledge” to tone it back.  He’ll try to spin the health care debacle to sound like it’s helping people.  Then I believe he’ll proceed on to his next big move that will ultimately be the final nail in the coffin of the United States which is amnesty for illegals.  Pepper in some economy talk (which he knows nothing about), some requests for bipartisanship (even though he doesn’t believe in it) and more campaigning because that’s all he knows how to do and you have an Obama speech.

Or in case you miss it, just swing by my site and I’ll do my best to trim the abundance of fat in his speech to translate what he’s really saying.

It must be nice

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Rants

So the government has shut down for the holiday (President’s Day).  This wasn’t a big surprise to me except for the fact that their vacation is over one F-ing week long…for President’s DAY!  What goes through the lazy ass minds of these “people”?  Gee, we’re doing such a bang-up job fixing the economy, pushing gun “control”, and lining our own pockets that we deserve a vacation!  According to the (unbiased?) Washington Times and other sources, the House voted 222-190 to take 10 days off for President’s Day.  According to the Washington Times article Every Democrat voted against the vacation but Republicans are using it as a power play against Obama.

In all honesty, I’m not up on the whole sequestering business (or lack there of).  I did find a better explanation of the situation from an ABC News article.  In a nutshell our politicians couldn’t agree on the “Fiscal Cliff” so they put a band-aid on the situation by creating the (not so) Supercomittee to come up with a plan.  Then when the next deadline came they gave themselves another extension until now.  Supposedly this deadline is the one that counts although I thought the Fiscal Cliff was supposed to cause a disaster as well.

When is enough going to be enough?  How long before we as a people decide to take back our country?  I, for one, am sick of a bunch of disconnected morons getting voted into office by groups of uninformed “voters” who just regurgitate the crap they hear from talking heads that are getting their palms greased by the rich friends of the disconnected morons!  It is the fault of both sides.  Neither side can agree on anything because all they ever think about is the next election cycle.  That and because of the ways laws are written, you can’t vote on something without looking bad.  Watch for it during the next round of elections.  Remember when Obama proposed Pre-K for everyone during his SOTU address?  Where is that money going to come from?  I’m sure it will be rolled into some other bill that is unrelated; so when someone votes against it that person’s opponent will run adds saying said candidate voted against education.  The only fix I see (short of a new revolution) is the implementation of Term limits, law reform, and a clean slate of politicians.