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So anyone who isn’t held up in a shack in the middle of the woods should know that the State of the Union address was last night.  Also, anyone who’s ever watched a speech by Mr. Obama knows that he is a great public speaker.  That’s pretty much the main reason he was ever elected since he had no real credentials his first time around (and many would argue the second time around as well).  He’s great at talking about “hope” and “change” and providing a feel good sound good speech.  The problem is that his speeches are usually just that…speeches.  The things that he does actually follow through on are often riddled with problems and shady practices.  If you don’t believe me check out a little company called Solyndra that received half a Billion dollars from the government and then went bankrupt.  There were also rumors that some of his campaign contributors had ties to the company.  Or more recently CGI, the company that created the infamous Obamacare website.  This company failed multiple times before and for some reason won the contract. [VIDEO] CEI Federal Track Record of Failure.  Oh yeah they won the contract because an exec at CGI was a classmate of Michelle Obama.  I think the Obama Administration needs to use some of their NSA resources to do background checks on its contractors.

I’m going to try and go in order of his speech since that’s how my notes are ordered.  Since there is so much to cover, and because I’m not a member of the media, I didn’t get a transcript so I’ll truncate my thoughts on most of the issues.  I’ve still provided many links so you can learn on your own time about the plethora of topics.

“…Graduation rates are the highest in 30 years…”  Of course they are when you lower the standards. Check out this article on Forbes about education.  An article on this Common Core garbage can be found here.

“…unemployment is the lowest it’s been in five years…”  Unemployment reports are riddled with inaccuracies.  They don’t/can’t take into account the number of people who stop looking for work.  They also don’t account for population growth.  The numbers are reported by surveys according to U.S. News. and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

He mentioned that we need to stop shutting the government down.  If you remember though, during the budget crisis, Obama was the one making demands and threatening to veto anything less than what he wanted.  Of course he’s lied about that too.  Don’t believe me check out some proof below.

“…after four years of economic growth corporate profits and stock prices have never been higher…”  This is partially true.  Stocks are artificially inflated due the constant printing of money and low interest rates in the housing market.  Many believe that there is a new bubble forming that is going to be much worse than what we’ve already experienced.  My solution…buy gold, guns & ammo, and learn how to be as self sufficient as you can but that’s an article for the future.

Great documentary called Overdose: The Next Financial Crisis.  It can be viewed in it’s entirety on YouTube.

Obama claimed to be willing to work with legislators to fix the economy, but the first video link above kinda shows how willing he actually is.  He also said, “wherever and whenever I can take steps to expand opportunities for American families, that’s what I’m going to do.”  Pretty much reinforcing his, “I’ve got a pen and phone” comments.  He also spoke about the need to change the tax laws so they aren’t tax punishments for businesses and encourage more job growth in the U.S.  The problem is the biggest tax punishment of them all is already in place and he specifically stated later in his speech that it’s not going anywhere.  Of course I’m referring to Obamacare (aka The Unaffordable Care Act) to which he seemed very desperate to push and find examples of Obamacare success stories.  I already posted a link showing how desperate they are for Obamacare to work here.  He also talked about improving our infrastructure which is the same thing he said last time which was mentioned in my very first blog post.

CLIMATE CHANGE IS A FACT (according to Obama)  $100 Billion is going to factories that use natural gas as an energy source.  I’m all for energy independence and I haven’t really looked into the whole fracking controversy other than the “Gasland” documentary but when the President stated, “Climate change is a fact“, you would think more research should be conducted into the issue since politicians are so concerned about climate change and the environment.  Remind me again how many politicians are Climatologists?  I’m pretty sure climate change is still a theory since for every piece of evidence supporting it, there is another that challenges it.  Remember, a long time ago, it used to be a fact that the Earth was flat!?

Immigration reform was skimmed over because he doesn’t want everyone talking about how much of a catastrophic idea amnesty for illegal aliens is.  Riddle me this.  We have massive unemployment which some believe is closer to 20% instead of 7%.  Then you add Obamacare which will help pay for the 11 to 20 million illegals who are here and don’t have healthcare.  Finally, add a government that already has a Massive spending problem/addiction and what do you get?  You get the probable burst of the monetary bubble that the FED has created and a crash infinitely worse than the housing market crash.  Again, this is another topic for another day hopefully real soon.  (Buy gold.  It’s the one thing the government can’t devalue) .

There were a couple good ideas about unemployment incentives for hiring the long-term unemployed.  Unfortunately I worry that this will just become another form of affirmative action since you might end up encouraging a company to hire less qualified workers just because of a tax break.

Education was a mixed bag.  On one hand, proposed caps for college loan payments to 10% of the student’s income upon graduation sounds promising.  Although if they do this they will probably have to change the current standards of forgiving balances after 20years or so.  On the other hand, I oppose any special advantages based solely on race, as he mentioned, about incentives for admitting “students of color”.

Equal pay for equal work is great in a perfect world, but I personally don’t know of any employer that provides “personal days” (for menstrual cycles and child births) to men.

Obama provided a big push for a minimum wage hike and pledged to increase the federal minimum wage to battle poverty.  Supposedly this will help get those who work full-time above the poverty line.  Unfortunately this is just going to move the poverty line up since the cost of living will go up with it.  I have a very simple example of this that I’ve personally experienced.  Back in 2001, I was a single E-4 in the military living in Norfolk, VA.  I received a housing allowance of about $600/month.  My rent was $515 for a single bedroom apartment (with military discount) in an area right off the base.  By 2003 my housing allowances had increased to about $800/month but my rent had gone right up with it to over $700/month.  All basically because the “minimum wage” had increased in the area.  Minimum wage increases look good on paper but are just smoke and mirrors to the real problems.

The MyRA idea sounds promising but I’m sure they will find some way to screw it up.  MyRA sounds like a new type of bond that will be an alternative to IRA’s but of course the details are very vague.

Obamacare aka The Big Hot Mess: Of course he had a bunch of examples of Obamacare “success” stories but I’m curious what will be discovered when people start digging into the personal lives of the subjects of his stories.  There’s always dirt or technicalities when people dig into these “political examples”.  Obama also told challengers of Obamacare, “Don’t refight old battles.”  To me, it just seemed like he was begging people to sign up since Obamacare was supposed to be his legacy.  Obviously the Obamas are desperate since Mrs. Obama was trying to beg supporters to send $10 each in support of Obamacare as I’ve previously posted!

“It should be the power of our vote, not the size of our bank account that drives our democracy.” (in regards to voter rights)  I found this funny and sad at the same time.  I found it funny that the first presidential candidate to ever raise $1 Billion is talking about how it shouldn’t matter how deep your pockets are.  I’ll admit I don’t know too much about the voter rights issue other than you should have to have an i.d. to vote. Period.  I did find it sad that a self-proclaimed constitutional law professor didn’t know that we’re a REPUBLIC and not a DEMOCRACY!  Just in case you don’t know look at the basic chart below.


Democracy and Republic comparison chart

He talked about troop withdrawals from Afghanistan and Iraq although the violence has increased in some of the areas in which we pulled out.  Obama as stated, “…only fight battles that need to be fought…”, I guess thats after he wanted to fight Syria during the alleged use of chemical weapons which Russia’s Vladimir Putin helped defuse.  Or after he helped encourage the Egyptian uprising.  Surprising actions from a Nobel Peace Prize Winner.  Let’s face it, his foreign policies are a joke.  Fewer and fewer countries respect him because of this and the NSA spying which he “promised” to reform (yeah right).  We’re quickly becoming the dead beat family member everyone talks about as soon as we leave the room.

Finally he talked up the U.S. Olympic team and our veterans which coming from him, and most politicians, always just sounds like the equivalent of going to a concert where the performer yells out how much they love [insert city name here] just to get a big cheer!  He told the amazing story of Army Ranger Cory Remsburg fight for survival and recovery after being injured by a roadside bomb in Afghanistan.  He was honored and received a standing ovation that lasted over a minute and a half.  This was a great story but again, I feel like it’s a bit of political showboating and smoke and mirrors.  Parading a hero up in front of everyone during your address doesn’t make you a better leader, it makes you an extortionist.  Hopefully I’m wrong but the tactic has been used plenty of times before.


So in an earlier article I talked about about Oprah, her bribe…I mean award, and racism.  If you missed it feel free to read that article here.

I got caught up a bit in the whole Oprah thing but really wanted to show how this administration (and politics in general) works.  I feel I did miss an opportunity to talk about the topic of “reverse discrimination” even though there is no such thing because white on black discrimination is the same as black on white discrimination.  The funny thing is that if I stopped right there and moved on with this article, no one would notice one key thing…the world isn’t just “black” and “white”.  What about Asian, Hispanic, Native American, etc.?

If we strictly go off of demographics, the reason nobody ever really talks about Asians and Native Americans is because they don’t account for as much of the population.  According to Native American and Alaskans account for 1.2%, Asians 5.1%, Hispanics 16.9%, and 13.1% are considered Black or African American.  Oh and by the way 77.9% of America is considered White.  (The increase in Hispanics explains why the government is pushing for amnesty as of late but that’s a whole other post that I hope to tackle soon.)  So many people want to talk about income inequality and job discrimination but if you look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics you’ll find some interesting info.

Demographics of those with Jobs

Demographics of Employed People

Judging strictly by the chart above, it’s hard to find real evidence of discrimination.  Remember this is a chart of those employed.  The problem I have with other charts and figures is that they rarely account for the people who aren’t looking for work and other factors.  Numbers don’t lie but they can definitely be misleading and manipulated.  The next graph is the one that affirmative action advocates love to use.

Unemployment by race

Unemployment by race

The problem is when you have a large group of people and you compare straight percentages with a small group of people, it’s easy for the numbers to look alarming.  I’ll do the math for you to speed this up.  There are roughly 310 Million people in the U.S. 77% are white which means that 238.7 Million people are white in the U.S. and 40.3 Million people are Black.  This means that 5,561,400 Black people are unemployed.  This is obviously not ideal and I wish every could have a job; then take into account that 17,186,400 White people are unemployed and hopefully you can see how numbers can be misleading.  This is why I feel like affirmative action is a joke.

Let me share a personal story with you.  When I turned 18 and signed my life away to the military, there was a mountain of paperwork and questions my recruiter had to go over with me.  He asked, “What’s your background or race?”, to which I responded, “Asian”.  He then said, “Oh that’s Good!  We don’t get many Asians around here.”  Even the military has quotas to fill which is preposterous in my opinion.  Why should I as an American of Asian descent get an advantage over anyone else for a job just because of who my parents were?  I was even asked once, while I was in the military, if I wanted to participate in Asian-American heritage month.  I said that I would only participate if there were also a Caucasian-American heritage month.  For some reason I believe that equality for all should mean just that.  I find no problem in being proud of your heritage but I do have a problem with hypocrisy.  

Thanks for reading,


My Experiences (you can skip to “The Point” below if your short on time)

So I try to tread lightly on my blog when it comes to race and discrimination.  Growing up as an American of Asian and German descent (I feel you should only consider yourself Asian-American, African-American, etc. if you actually came directly from that country), I endured my fair share of racism.  One of my earliest memories was in kindergarten where one of my classmates called me a <racial slur that rhymes with blink>…in KINDERGARTEN!  This is a prime example of racism being bred into future generations.  The problem is that I didn’t know what that meant but I assumed, by the tone, that it wasn’t complementary.  So naturally I asked a family member what that word meant.  That family member immediately became angry and told me that whoever called me that was ignorant and next time I should call them a stupid <slur that rhymes with tracker>!

These events have stuck with me for the almost 30yrs since.  I’ve learned to laugh about it now and feel that I’m pretty well adjusted with all things considered.  A more recent example I have is one I witnessed at a movie theatre.  An American of African descent was dragging her fussy toddler out of the theater.  She then said to her kid, “Shut up!  You sound like a stupid white boy!”  My wife actually turned to give the woman a piece of her mind but I stopped her since the group she was with would have outnumbered us.

What worries me is that those are just a couple experiences I’ve had and there are many others who have had those experiences and worse.  The problem is that there are basically two things that can happen.  You can either perpetuate the cycle and keep breeding the hate, or you can realize that you don’t have to live your life that way and teach future generations differently.  I’m not naïve enough to think that you can shelter your children from the ways of the world.  I’m saying that when the time comes, we need to teach that there are over 6 Billion people in the world from all different cultures and backgrounds.  We should embrace each other’s differences because that’s what makes us unique; but some people are not tolerant of others just because they are different and they may not like you without reason.

The Point

This leads me to the point of this post.  I watched the deplorable interview with Oprah Winfrey where she said that, “There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it, in that prejudice and racism, and they just have to die.”  Now what she might have meant was that in order for racism to go away, we have to wait for the racists to die off.  The problem is she didn’t say that and if you watch the video and listen to her voice, she made it sound like racists need to be killed.  Add the fact that she was discussing racism in the U.S. between blacks and whites and it’s pretty easy to conclude that she stated, in a roundabout way, old racist whites need to die.

I’m curious when the last time Oprah was actually discriminated against.  She’s a Billionaire who is recognized around the world!  I’m pretty sure it’s been quite a while.  I don’t count the incident in Switzerland with the handbags because that was a bologna story just to get publicity for her new movie.  Since that story has pretty much been discredited, she now feels the need to state something even more inflammatory.  I understand the concept of method acting but I think Oprah has gone too far.  Oprah is a public figure and one of the most powerful people in the world.  She’s been in the public eye for almost three decades and should know better than to encourage such a message.  I’m sure she’s going to eventually say that she didn’t mean to sound the way it did and, like a politician (Hillary), she’s going to say “I misspoke” but the damage is done.  If you still don’t agree with me.  Take her comments about people who criticize Obama where she said, “There’s a level of disrespect for the office that occurs…because he’s African-American.”  I’m going on far too long on this post so if you want to see evidence to the contrary check out the video here.  What I will say is that I personally criticize him for his failed policies.

Apparently it doesn’t matter what you say as long as you’re friends with Barrack Hussein Obama since she was now awarded with the Presidential Medal of Freedom!  Not too long ago she was upset with Obama because she was supposed to have special access to the White House for her OWN Network but *gasp* Obama didn’t follow through on his promises.  Now (conveniently) she’s getting a bribe *ahem* I mean award?

In closing, we need to teach tolerance not hate.  We need to award those that deserve it such as our military heroes and people who actually use their power for good instead of their own agendas.  Finally we need to teach people to think for themselves instead of just accepting what one source tells them.  That’s why I provide my resources so you can make up your own minds and correct me if I’m wrong.

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Question.  Research.  Decide.

Let me apologize for my absence.  I’ve had some extraordinary and overwhelming life events happen to me earlier this year.  This on top of working a full time job, attending college full time, and starting a small business has caused me to neglect this blog.  There have been plenty of times during the last few months where I have tried to sit down and write/rant about the state of our country and the world.  As it does, life kept getting in the way.

The problem is that my blog is the only real outlet I have.  I mentioned earlier that I’m attending college which almost guarantees that I’ll be surrounded by hard liberals.  Add the fact that I’m attending Film School and that multiplies tenfold.  Most of my close friends are liberals and my family seems pretty split.  I find it hard to have “intelligent” conversations about politics because most people just don’t want to think about it or get so upset that more harm is done then good.  First, burying your head in the sand is not going to help anyone.  You are not blameless just because you didn’t pick a side.  Second, many people on both sides just want to hear that their view is right and expect everyone else to jump on board.  I myself have been guilty of this.  It’s just natural to resist change and become defensive when your views seem to be under attack.  The problem is we need to be able to step back and observe the facts, which is what I try my best to do with this blog.

The events of late have caused me so much grief that I feel I have to do my part to try and inform people.  The most recent events I’m talking about are the joint operations in Hawaii between China and the U.S.  Chinese soldiers were invited to perform “disaster relief” exercises with the us in order to provide better communication between our two countries under the guise of helping countries in need.  They’re conducting drills simulating mass casualties and power outages caused by an earthquake.  In a world of rainbows and butterflies this would sound like a great way to help our fellow man; especially in light of the tragedy in the Philippines.

The problem is we actually live a world where it’s been proven that China has dedicated at least one entire building to hacking our systems and businesses resulting in the loss of approximately $300 BILLION.  They’ve hacked our power grid which our government has already admitted is extremely vulnerable and which we are hopelessly unprepared.  Now some say, “Well we’ve been spying and hacking them too!”  Yes we have, but if two burglars broke into each others’ homes and were caught in the act…do you think one would then invite the other over to check out their newly installed security system?  Never mind China’s countless human rights violations (it amazes me that people don’t know they still force abortions), Chinese drywall, and other toxic products to which we constantly have to be on guard.  Oh, and I almost forgot that China is currently leading a movement to get rid of the dollar as the dominant world reserve currency by buying up as much Gold as they can.

So knowing all that information, why would we want to work hand-in-hand with a country that has been secretly attacking our way of life?  They hack our power grid…so we invite them over so they can see our strategy on how to handle mass power outages!?  How does this make sense?  Just because they don’t deploy troops or suicide bombers doesn’t mean they haven’t declared war on our way of life.  I believe there is a new (at least to me) kind of warfare happening.  One that’s not decided in years, but decades.  To quote “The Dark Knight Rises” (I am a film student after all), “It’s the slow knife…that cuts the deepest.” They’re gaining traction in the world which in itself is fine.  Every country has the right seek prosperity but China is obviously our “frenemy” and we shouldn’t just be handing them the keys to the kingdom.

Masters of Distraction

Posted: February 16, 2013 in My Observations

I just found this article and wanted to share it.  I remember thinking to myself that the media and Liberal Night Live (SNL) are going to have a field day distracting everyone from the real issues and trying to discredit Rubio.  Remember Sara Palin’s “I can see Russia from my house comments?”  Yeah, she never said that. It was from a Tina Fey spoof of her from SNL.  Unfortunately when I talk to most people, they still think it’s a legitimate quote.  That’s just a small example of the power held by the mainstream media.

Obama’s State of the Union

Posted: February 14, 2013 in My Observations

During last nights “State of the Union” address, I found myself wondering how we were going to pay for all of these “infrastructure improvements”.  I mean, there is no doubt that we need to take care of our highways, bridges, tunnels, etc.; but there is no “easy button” to magically make these things happen.  I’ve already noticed the decrease in my paychecks and I’m a common middle-class factory worker.  What happened to not raising taxes on the middle class?  

Oh, the truth was that they (both Obama and Romney) were just going to let the Bush tax breaks expire; therefore they wouldn’t technically raise taxes.  This is the type of garbage 99% of politicians use to dupe the American public.  At least 37% of Congress are lawyers so it makes sense that politicians are masters of the double talk.  For some reason I can let this slide.  I mean, who would actually get elected if they ran on a 100% honesty policy?  “Yes we will have to make cuts to Medicare and Schools, or Defense and tax breaks, or some combination of the two.”  That isn’t what the sheeple want to hear.  Instead people want to hear  that it’s all going to be ok.  You don’t have to sacrifice anything and you can have it all!  Which eventually all gets boiled down to a catchy slogan that ends up on signs and bumper stickers everywhere.

My problem is all of the shady back door deals being done.  If you think that some rich guys/corporations are willing to give another rich guy a bunch of money for their campaign just because they “believe” in their candidate’s message, then I have some magic beans I’d like to sell you.  The truth is when candidates can raise around and over $1 BILLION they have some big promises to keep.  Then you have things like Obama’s Solyndra and other questionable transactions.

My point is that after all the happy, hopeful talk is over the general population who “believed” in the winning candiate usually puts their head in the sand when anything goes wrong.  Then those that opposed said candidate are marked as sore losers.  We need to stop worrying about which side is winning and start focusing on what our country is losing.