This is a blog that I created mainly to encourage people to think for themselves.  I am a factory worker, veteran, film student, small business owner, husband, and father (not in that order).

Too often, I see half-truths reported through the media so that they can push their own special interests.  Sadly, I feel that the days of unbiased journalism are a thing of the past.  In all fairness, I consider myself to be an Agnostic, Independent-Conservative.  Many of my views may lean slightly to the right, but I feel that the two party system is the cause of most of the problems our country faces today.  I will do my best to fact check details but lets face it; there will be occasional rants!

I would like to encourage thoughtful debates/discussions between my readers and welcome the insight of other people.  Please try to keep any posts between readers civil.  Feel free to remove the gloves when talking about politicians though but please try to keep the profanity moderate.

Thanks for reading!



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