Racism Part II

Posted: January 26, 2014 in My Observations
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So in an earlier article I talked about about Oprah, her bribe…I mean award, and racism.  If you missed it feel free to read that article here.

I got caught up a bit in the whole Oprah thing but really wanted to show how this administration (and politics in general) works.  I feel I did miss an opportunity to talk about the topic of “reverse discrimination” even though there is no such thing because white on black discrimination is the same as black on white discrimination.  The funny thing is that if I stopped right there and moved on with this article, no one would notice one key thing…the world isn’t just “black” and “white”.  What about Asian, Hispanic, Native American, etc.?

If we strictly go off of demographics, the reason nobody ever really talks about Asians and Native Americans is because they don’t account for as much of the population.  According to census.gov Native American and Alaskans account for 1.2%, Asians 5.1%, Hispanics 16.9%, and 13.1% are considered Black or African American.  Oh and by the way 77.9% of America is considered White.  (The increase in Hispanics explains why the government is pushing for amnesty as of late but that’s a whole other post that I hope to tackle soon.)  So many people want to talk about income inequality and job discrimination but if you look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics you’ll find some interesting info.

Demographics of those with Jobs

Demographics of Employed People

Judging strictly by the chart above, it’s hard to find real evidence of discrimination.  Remember this is a chart of those employed.  The problem I have with other charts and figures is that they rarely account for the people who aren’t looking for work and other factors.  Numbers don’t lie but they can definitely be misleading and manipulated.  The next graph is the one that affirmative action advocates love to use.

Unemployment by race

Unemployment by race

The problem is when you have a large group of people and you compare straight percentages with a small group of people, it’s easy for the numbers to look alarming.  I’ll do the math for you to speed this up.  There are roughly 310 Million people in the U.S. 77% are white which means that 238.7 Million people are white in the U.S. and 40.3 Million people are Black.  This means that 5,561,400 Black people are unemployed.  This is obviously not ideal and I wish every could have a job; then take into account that 17,186,400 White people are unemployed and hopefully you can see how numbers can be misleading.  This is why I feel like affirmative action is a joke.

Let me share a personal story with you.  When I turned 18 and signed my life away to the military, there was a mountain of paperwork and questions my recruiter had to go over with me.  He asked, “What’s your background or race?”, to which I responded, “Asian”.  He then said, “Oh that’s Good!  We don’t get many Asians around here.”  Even the military has quotas to fill which is preposterous in my opinion.  Why should I as an American of Asian descent get an advantage over anyone else for a job just because of who my parents were?  I was even asked once, while I was in the military, if I wanted to participate in Asian-American heritage month.  I said that I would only participate if there were also a Caucasian-American heritage month.  For some reason I believe that equality for all should mean just that.  I find no problem in being proud of your heritage but I do have a problem with hypocrisy.  

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