Pre-State of the Union 2014

Posted: January 26, 2014 in Rants, Uncategorized

Don’t forget to catch the SOTU Tuesday, 1/28/14 at 9pm to see what kind of promises, hope, and change our illustrious leader has planned for us.  My predictions are that he will have to address the NSA problems with the independent study stating that the NSA spying is wrong.  He’ll either try to justify the spying or “pledge” to tone it back.  He’ll try to spin the health care debacle to sound like it’s helping people.  Then I believe he’ll proceed on to his next big move that will ultimately be the final nail in the coffin of the United States which is amnesty for illegals.  Pepper in some economy talk (which he knows nothing about), some requests for bipartisanship (even though he doesn’t believe in it) and more campaigning because that’s all he knows how to do and you have an Obama speech.

Or in case you miss it, just swing by my site and I’ll do my best to trim the abundance of fat in his speech to translate what he’s really saying.


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