Obama’s State of the Union

Posted: February 14, 2013 in My Observations

During last nights “State of the Union” address, I found myself wondering how we were going to pay for all of these “infrastructure improvements”.  I mean, there is no doubt that we need to take care of our highways, bridges, tunnels, etc.; but there is no “easy button” to magically make these things happen.  I’ve already noticed the decrease in my paychecks and I’m a common middle-class factory worker.  What happened to not raising taxes on the middle class?  

Oh, the truth was that they (both Obama and Romney) were just going to let the Bush tax breaks expire; therefore they wouldn’t technically raise taxes.  This is the type of garbage 99% of politicians use to dupe the American public.  At least 37% of Congress are lawyers so it makes sense that politicians are masters of the double talk.  For some reason I can let this slide.  I mean, who would actually get elected if they ran on a 100% honesty policy?  “Yes we will have to make cuts to Medicare and Schools, or Defense and tax breaks, or some combination of the two.”  That isn’t what the sheeple want to hear.  Instead people want to hear  that it’s all going to be ok.  You don’t have to sacrifice anything and you can have it all!  Which eventually all gets boiled down to a catchy slogan that ends up on signs and bumper stickers everywhere.

My problem is all of the shady back door deals being done.  If you think that some rich guys/corporations are willing to give another rich guy a bunch of money for their campaign just because they “believe” in their candidate’s message, then I have some magic beans I’d like to sell you.  The truth is when candidates can raise around and over $1 BILLION they have some big promises to keep.  Then you have things like Obama’s Solyndra and other questionable transactions.

My point is that after all the happy, hopeful talk is over the general population who “believed” in the winning candiate usually puts their head in the sand when anything goes wrong.  Then those that opposed said candidate are marked as sore losers.  We need to stop worrying about which side is winning and start focusing on what our country is losing.

  1. […] Obama claimed to be willing to work with legislators to fix the economy, but the first video link above kinda shows how willing he actually is.  He also said, “wherever and whenever I can take steps to expand opportunities for American families, that’s what I’m going to do.”  Pretty much reinforcing his, “I’ve got a pen and phone” comments.  He also spoke about the need to change the tax laws so they aren’t tax punishments for businesses and encourage more job growth in the U.S.  The problem is the biggest tax punishment of them all is already in place and he specifically stated later in his speech that it’s not going anywhere.  Of course I’m referring to Obamacare (aka The Unaffordable Care Act) to which he seemed very desperate to push and find examples of Obamacare success stories.  I already posted a link showing how desperate they are for Obamacare to work here.  He also talked about improving our infrastructure which is the same thing he said last time which was mentioned in my very first blog post. […]

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