Thank you for visiting Govern-Mental.  This site is managed and run 100% independently.  There are no sponsors.  Any ads you see are here because this is a free WordPress.com site and has no affiliation with me or my views.  There are no staff.  The only help I get on this site is in the form of conversations and ideas that hit me when I’m talking to friends and family or when I get fired up after seeing a news story.  As of right now, this is a one-man site for political information seekers.

I created this site as a place for a more objective and informative information outlet.  All too often in this world of instant gratification, sensationalism, and ratings the details seem to get lost for sake of getting buzz.  I get really annoyed when I see stories and posts on social media that make extravagant claims without citing their sources.   If you’re like me,  you’re sick of the biased “journalism” and special interests influencing what you hear.   I also understand that not everyone follows all of the various news stories all the time.  This is why I created this site.  I try my best to support my claims by providing links to where I found my information.  I hope that this site may help you make informed decisions and maybe even win some debates when confronted with those who just regurgitate propaganda.

Feel free to comment on posts and share stories using the buttons provided.

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